Are You Sick & Tired Of Blowing Truckloads of Money On Low ROI Advertising Methods?
Watch this video and see how you can make your advertising work, better than ever - GUARANTEED.

YES, it's that simple.

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This may be the most important information you read all year about the welfare of your business. 


Because the cost of doing business in California is SKYROCKETING.

Besides all of the crazy rules, regulations, and fees, we’ve always had to deal with, things like the costs of paper and other supplies we use daily are going through the roof and hurting a lot of businesses.

An old adage says that you can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

It's a good adage.

We entreprenuers, for instance, would be much better off if each of our elected representatives had to spend a couple of weeks every year running a small business, struggling to meet a payroll, and filling out a slew of government forms. 

In any case, in these unprecedented times, we can't become victims of circumstance. We have to be smart and make things happen, more than ever before.

That's why we've started the Folsom Gold Private Business Cooperative and I thought you might like to ride along. 

How It Works:

WARNING: Only ONE Business In Each Niche
Allowed In Our Private Business Co-op

The first thing you should know is that participation in our group is EXCLUSIVE. That means that we can allow only ONE business from each niche to participate.

If you join us, you'll have no competitors. 

By "niche", I mean two businesses that provide the same products or services.

For example, if you're a Steakhouse restaurant, there may also be a Mexican and Chinese restaurant in the Co-op, but no other Steakhouse. 

If you're a Contractor that focuses mostly on windows and siding, you can't claim all other contractor niches like roofing, pools, painting, etc.

Of course, you can still perform all of those jobs, you just can't corner the entire contractors market with our promotions. 

You'll get the niche of your choice all to yourself, with no competitors, as long as your competitor doesn't beat you to the punch. 

Makes sense, right?

Our Private Co-op promos are DONE FOR YOU so that you can concentrate on the day to day operations required to run your business.

Our constant, continuous promotions work in the background to keep our Private Co-op Businesses always 'top of mind'. 

We're implementing X VERY POWERFUL solutions that create synergy to attract consumers and continuously promote to them.

Pillar 1

The Catalyst

To get traction we're sending a targeted mail blast on a GIANT postcard out to people that own middle to upper end wage earners. 

That's because they tend to be more receptive and have more disposable income to spend on things they want. 

Snail mail may not be "sexy" in the age of digital marketing but did you know that even Google, the biggest tech company on Earth, relies on direct mail to drive it's massive $256 billion revenue? 

Google makes the majority of its revenue from ads they sell to businesses. And they spend millions of dollars on snail mail to drive that ad revenue UP. 

Why does Google use "old-school" mail and not just use their own ad platform to drive more ad revenue?

Because Google knows more than anyone what their analytics show; people are bombarded and overwhelmed with internet stuff. Direct mail cuts through all that noise.

Here's an example of one of their direct mail pieces: 

The world's largest technology company knows the facts; direct mail works, and there's plenty of data to prove it. 

That doesn't mean that direct mail is going to replace digital marketing in today's smart phone world. That's not going to happen. 

That's why we're combining digital marketing with targeted direct mail.

Co-op buying power allows you to get massive exposure, for dirt cheap, yet reap all the rewards.

You'll have an spot on the postcard that included your logo and promotion.

You'll also have a QR Code that consumers can scan that takes them to your businesses custom Promo Page online. I'll show you the Promo Page in a minute. 

The postcard itself is GIANT and measures 12 inches X 9 inches. It'll be the biggest, piece of mail in your mailbox.

It's classy, attractive and hard to throw away. It has a very long shelf life.

Also, your promotion isn't buried somewhere in the pages of a magazine.

Plus, you're getting Front and Back "cover" exposure because your promo is on one side or the other when being viewed and flipped over.

Here's an example of the current styling of the Giant postcard.

* Your screen will determine how big image looks. Actual size is 9" x 12".
(Example only, QR Codes do NOT lead to the promo pages.)

If this were Valpac or a coupon magazine, a lot of people are just going to throw them out. It’s considered "junk mail".

And even if they do open it, people have to fish around and you’ve got competitors there as well. It’s like you’re on page 5 of Google where no one goes.

With our postcard, we’re just grouping together a few non-competing local businesses and eyeballs are forced to see it and it doesn’t end up in the junk pile.

It's like everyone else is paying for most of your mailing and saving you several thousand dollars for the same exposure.

We're mailing 10,000 of these giant postcards to targeted, local consumers in the Folsom & EDH neighborhoods.

There are typically 2 adults per household, so that's 20,000 sets of eyeballs seeing your ad.

20,000 may not sound like a lot when compared to the "circulation" numbers newspaper, Valpac and magazine type media, but what are the chances your ad is even seen in them?

They don't give you anywhere near the actual exposure or impact as our giant postcard does.

Actual exposure is much more important than circulation. With our giant postcard, you're ad is almost 100% GUARANTEED to be seen. 

Plus, we're giving your promotion lots of "legs" that you don't get with other media, that will extend the exposure and effectiveness of your promo.

That helps make our promotions a superior alternative. 

If you still like to use other print media, great, I'm going to help you make them much more effective with your own dynamic QR Code.

Pillar 2

Your Dynamic QR Code

Your promotion will have it's own dynamic QR Code!

When your QR Code is scanned, it will take the user to your custom Promo Page that we build for you. 

Or, if you already have a good, mobile optimized, conversion focused website, we can program your QR Code to send the user there instead.  

This is HUGE: Your Dynamic QR Code should be published everywhere else your advertise.

Put your QR Code in print ads, social media, door to your business, TV and wherever else you promote your business. 

Your QR Code will be dynamic. That means that regardless of what promotion you're running, your QR Code will current.

For example, let's say you ran a special promotion for Christmas and put your QR Code in print marketing or on Social Media, but then changed your promotion afterwards.

We will reprogram your QR Code to dynamically change and point the user to the new promotion, instead of the old one.

This is one of the ways your advertising gets "legs".

Your QR Code will ALWAYS point to your current promotion, even when someone scans it from an old ad.

Pretty slick! 

Pillar 3

Your Promo Page

Your Promo Page is where users will be directed to from your QR Code ad on the postcard as well as from our Goldmine Business Directory.

Pillar 4


We're running at least one VDP (Viral Prize Draw) every month!

Pillar 5

The Goldmine Directory

Co-op partners will have their promotion listed in our Goldmine Directory. 

This is a quick and easy way for consumers to check out our promotions. 

Pillar 6

Our VIP Text Club

Local consumers will join our VIP Text Club to be notified of of our Co-op businesses promotions, events, important information and to participate in our monthly games and prize draws. 

Every week, we'll send our Text Club members text messages reminding them to to check out your offers in our Goldmine Directory.


Reputation Management

How much is your reputation worth?

We will help build you or continue to build your solid reputation.

This translates into more profits for your company.

Do you see how all of these Pillars are powerful on their own, but create huge symmetry when combined together? 

The initial programming fee for setting this all up will be $995. However, to get momentum going forward, I'm waiving the fee and will set your system up for free for life!

Beat your competitor to the punch and join us now. Evaluate the effectiveness of this perpetual engagement campaign - DONE FOR YOU - and you be the judge.

It’s my hope and intention that you’ll find such immense value that you’ll want to continue enjoying the exposure and benefits of your business being promoted through Folsom Gold.

You just tell us what you want to promote and we take care of the rest. 

Like you, I know what it's like to spend small fortunes on advertising that didn't really work or was a total waste of money.

Unlike Groupon, we don't steal half of your revenue and make you wait to get your "share". 

NOW is the best time to promote your business. This is the time to increase your share of the marketplace. 

That's because fewer businesses are advertising, so those that do - and do it right - will survive and even thrive while the others struggle. 

You won't find a more powerful, cost effective, perpetual promotion campaign.

We'll also reprogram your promotion once monthly for you for FREE.

There is no contract and you can cancel at anytime. 

You've got nothing to lose and so much to gain. Hurry and reserve your spot.

Outsmart, outrun and beat your competition to the punch now!

Folsom Gold Business Membership 
Today Only $750